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things we like def redSummer is coming!

We love all the unique and rare products that make our summer unforgettable!




* The Laundress comes with us on holiday, in relaxing days at the beach or walking in the mountains, with a range of products specifically designed to take care of swimwear and sportswear: The Laundress Sport Detergent & Sport Spray!

* Imagine the holiday spent in the enchanting Sardinia, the boat trip towards the island: which can be the smells of this precise moment? Crispy and salty , myrtle and sea breeze. With PRO FVMVM ROMA Acqua di Sale holidays begin now!!!

 * Själ skincare’s Cela Intuitif is an active, lightweight crème designed to fight the damaging effects of photo aging by promoting cellular renewal, evening skin tone and reducing fine lines. Thanks to its light and non-oily texture this innovative cream is ideal for summer season.

Take a respite from worldly masquerades with an undisturbed moment in a long, peaceful bath with Pañpuri Thai Jasmin Bath Salts. With dried roses, jasmine flowers and Thai Sea Salt they are a unique, luxurious and sensual opportunity to offer yourself a “royal bath”.

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